Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


One of the most powerful political entities in the post-Commonwealth Known Worlds is the Than Hegemony. With its capital at San-Ska-Re, the Hegemony has managed to maintain a fairly stable government in much of the Triangulum Galaxy while preserving key components of the former Commonwealth's economic and technological base. However, the Than Hegemony is also beleaguered by enemies on all sides, and its large defense fleet is often stretched thin fighting off attacks by the Drago-Kazov Nietzscheans and Kalderan Commune, raids by Magog and pirates, and Restorian terrorism.
The Than Hegemony includes worlds populated by several other species, including humans. The people under their sphere of influence try to imitate Than society, living in large communal "families" and attaching themselves to a specific caste. Perhaps not surprisingly, many humans have adapted quite well to Than culture and hold positions of power inside the Hegemony. But while life within the Than Hegemony offers a measure of security, it comes at the cost of surrendering much of the personal autonomy to which many species are accustomed in favor of a more regimented existence.

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