Political Formations of the
Post-Commonwealth Era


Recently created through the unification of the once-warring Sabra and Jaguar Prides, this new Nietzschean government is already proving to be a major power in the Known Worlds. Separately, Pride Jaguar and Sabra were considered mid-level Nietzschean Pride, more concerned with plotting against each other than in making a mark in intergalactic affairs. But together, the united Prides command the third largest battle fleet in the Known Worlds as well as an impressive economic and technological base. The two Prides were brought together by the marriage of Sabra first daughter Elssbett Mossadim and Jaguar archduke Charlemagne Bolivar, a union helped along by the diplomatic efforts of the Andromeda Ascendant crew and sealed by an untimely Dragan attack. It's uncertain how happy the merger of the two Prides is, but for now the hostilities with Drago-Kazov insures that if not love, then at least a common enemy should keep the union intact for the forseeable future.

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